Harlech Tourism Association have now completed the creation of the new Meirion Trail. The trail will take clients around the town telling the story of Meirion and the Golden Torc, the battle of Meirion and the Morfeirch (giant seahorses).

The story is split into five chapters, each chapter relating to a location and storytelling chair in Harlech. The whole trail from Chair one, located at the children’s play park by Harlech Castle through to Chair five, located in the King George V playing field, is approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km), taking approximately two hours to complete.

A medieval wooden chair on grass with a castle in the background.
A wooden medieval chair shaped like a leaf on a walking trail .

Two of the chairs on the Meirion Trail

Many, many moons ago and long, long times past, before the castle was built, there was a man living in Wales called Cuneddau ap Edern, or Cuneddau Wledig as he was also known. He had at least eight sons and one daughter. One of the sons was called Meirion. And this is a story about Meirion.”

At each chair, there is a chair number displayed along with a QR code, which when selected, will link the listener to the Visit Harlech Meirion Trail webpage and to the appropriate chair that is being visited. It is suggested that the trail is followed in the order of chairs from one through to five, and does not need to be completed in one go.

Once the QR code is selected, clients will be able to listen to the story for that chair by selecting the ‘play’ option, with the option to pause and replay. There is a language option, allowing the listener to select either the Welsh or English version of the story. The directions between each chair are given at the end of each chapter and there are blue signs with arrows and a picture of a Seahorse head, fixed to posts around the trail.

The Golden Torc will be on display in Harlech from early April 2022.

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