Halen Môn will become the first business in Wales to offer traditional seaweed baths to visitors to their Saltcote. Customers will be able to soak in fresh (cleaned!) seaweed and wonderfully warm water, in their own individual upcycled whiskey barrel, and enjoy the well-known rejuvenating effects.

For hundreds of years, people have been bathing in seaweed for its nurturing, restorative and healing properties. In warm water, seaweed releases its mineral-dense oils, offering rich relaxation, soothing tired muscles and encouraging escape from the everyday.

Seaweed baths were common in Europe at the turn of the 19th century, Ireland boasting 300 or so traditional ‘bathhouses’, where there are still a handful today.

This year, using the pure water generated as a by-product of their sea salt harvesting process, Halen Môn is the first company in Wales to offer this bespoke outdoor bathing experience, celebrating the unparalleled view in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

It’s such a beautiful spot here overlooking the Strait and Eryri, and I can tell you first hand that the oils the seaweed releases make your skin feel absolutely amazing."

Seaweed is incredibly sustainable – it doesn’t require soil, fertiliser, or fresh water to grow, and when harvested at the right time it encourages even more regrowth.

The recycled barrels are insulated and wonderfully warm, and are outside to make the most of the elements and the famous panoramic view. Every weather brings something different to the experience. The bathing area is situated in its own private cove of fencing, looking directly out to sea. Halen Môn uses the distilled, fresh water from their salt-making process for the baths. Harvested salts can be purchased for clients to take home.

A women sitting in a barrel overlooking the strait.

Seaweed bathing at Halen Môn Anglesey Sea Salt

Contact Halen Môn for seaweed bathing bookings and group tours with a trained guide which last around 45mins. Discounts are available when booking the tour, tasting and bathing package.

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