Wales is a great place to learn English. ‘Students’ of all abilities can choose the best place to learn, there are the language schools or universities in our bustling cities such as Cardiff or Swansea and in contrast  the more tranquil environment of a rural study centre that’s perfect for the professional business person. Either way, they aren’t far from our beautiful countryside to explore after the lessons finish and as the Welsh love to talk, there’s plenty of opportunity to practise those new phrases too!

To find the best course check out:

British Council Wales brings the best of international education and arts to Wales and helps Welsh students, teachers, artists and others connect professionally with people around the world;


Learn English in Wales established in 1994 which brings together schools, colleges and universities to provide high quality English language courses for students from all over the world. 

An external shot of the University of South Wales building in Cardiff in the sunshine.

University of South Wales

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