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You can easily create and amend the details in your product listing online using your account on ProductListing.Wales. Make sure that you complete all the fields to get the most out of your listing. Once completed, please ensure that you keep your listings up to date. If you don't have an account or would like help using ProductListing.Wales, please contact:

Visit Wales Data Steward | visitwaleshelp@nvg.net | 0330 808 9410

For helpful information to make the most of your listing download our guide featuring top tips for an epic listing.

We have also created videos to help you update your listings:

Updating your details for B2B operator handler (Travel Trade example)

Updating your details for B2B accommodation (Travel Trade example)

Updating your details for B2B activity (Business Events example)

To be listed you will need to operate a quality Wales product which is Travel Trade friendly and can sell to UK and International markets and offer Travel Trade rates (commission/net rates). Your product should have a website promoting your product. Depending on the nature of your business, you will need to meet specific criteria in order to be visible on the Travel Trade Wales website. Where applicable, this information is highlighted below.


If you have accommodation in Wales and are graded by Visit Wales, or AA you can be included on the search. Remember: if you offer commission/net rates, group discounts, room/unit allocation, free accommodation for coach drivers or packed lunch make sure you include these in your listing.

To register you must meet the following criteria:-

• Visit Wales or AA Star Graded. More details on Visit Wales accommodation grading

Activity Providers

Outdoor activity operators need to self-certify the accreditation by completing a self-certification formThis will provide reassurances that your business has met a standard that demonstrates your ability to deliver safe and effective industry practice.


Attractions in Wales can register to be on the database, it is recommended that attractions participate in the Visitor Attraction Quality Scheme.

Operators / Handlers

If you are an operator /handler selling Wales then you can be listed as an operator.

Operator types include the following:-

Accommodation Agency – Specialises in sourcing accommodation for clients. They can range from big brand hotels to independent accommodation.

Adventure Tours - Specialist operators who offer adventure activity tours. Companies may offer adventure activities only or also a package to include accommodation and alternative things to do such as sightseeing.

Coach Holidays - Operators that offer overnight coach holidays in Wales. Please note that this should not be operators who only offer coach hire (the transport category should be chosen in this case). Trips have to be packaged into a holiday and include accommodation and sightseeing. Companies offering day tours or operate out of small minibuses should be categorised under sightseeing not coach holidays.

Cruise Operators - Companies operating cruises around the Wales coast.

Cycling Tours – Operators offering cycling holidays in Wales, guided or self-guided. 

Destination Management Companies (DMC) / Wholesaler / Groundhandler – DMC's – companies with specialist local knowledge who handles all bookings and arrangements for tours, usually tailor-made. Groundhandlers make arrangements for travellers from overseas from the moment they arrive in the UK until the moment they leave. Their work involves managing the visitor experience whilst international tourists are in the country. Wholesalers develop and supply inclusive tour packages and accommodation through retail travel agents who sell on to consumers. They often sell to other elements of the Travel Trade such as tour and coach operators and not directly to consumers. 

English Language Learning – Operators offering language courses in accredited schools. This can be for adults, youth, school groups, families etc and usually is a combination of learning English study with sightseeing and activities included in their stay.

Entertainment – Companies that offer entertainment that can be included as part of a Wales package, such as Male Voice Choirs.

Golf Tours - Operator providing golf holidays in Wales. They will book everything including each round of golf, caddies, accommodation and sightseeing. 

Incoming - These are operators based in the UK who deal with overseas operators. Incoming tour operators basically offer the same services as ground handlers although they are more likely to offer their own programmes and not essentially custom-made programmes. They may also get involved with actually getting the clients here in the first place i.e. booking their flights where as a ground handler only gets involved once they arrive in the UK.

Online Travel Agent (OTA) - work in the same way as a tour operator however are purely online. For example Expedia, booking.com, Viator. 

Sightseeing & Tours – Operators offering sightseeing tours of Wales. For example general tours which includes visiting castles, historic sites, railways, national parks, coastline - basically showcasing the highlights of Wales.

Special Interest Tours - Operators offering special interest tours. This could be confused with sightseeing tours but special interest tours are more themed and cater for specific areas. For example gardens, religion, ancestry, haunted, myths and legends. Some companies may offer general sightseeing tours as well as special interest tours or they will be able to accommodate specific requests and tailor-make a special interest tour specifically for clients. 

Tour Operator – operator that builds a package holiday or tour including travel, accommodation, transfers and activities. For example TUI.

Transport - Transport operator offering a mode of transport for hire or charter. For example coach, car, helicopter, railway (which would allow you to hire a carriage).

Walking Tours - Operators offering walking holidays in Wales, guided or self-guided.

To register you must meet the following criteria:

• operate a quality Wales product;

• have current public liability Insurance (including any third party suppliers), if applicable;

• have relevant insurance if any vehicles are used to transport clients;

• have the relevant bonding / insurance / other measures to protect customers and are compliant with Package Travel Regulations, if applicable.

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