The Tiger Bay Floor, located at the very top of voco® St David's Cardiff , marks the inaugural phase of an extensive room renovation project, with all floors planned for completion by 2026.

The renovation follows a £300k investment into the 5-star spa facilities last year and is part of a wider multi million pound investment plan for the iconic waterfront hotel, which enters its 25th year in 2024.

Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Tiger Bay, the 12 rooms, two Junior Suites, and two Tiger Bay Suites, where a number of top celebrities and sport stars have stayed in the past, offer an elevated stay for guests. Featuring a contemporary design with deep, earthy tones, brass accents, natural materials, and plush textures, all elements of the rooms converge to create a contemporary yet grounded atmosphere.

The Tiger Bay Floor offers enhanced amenities and boasts stunning panoramic views of Cardiff Bay and its skyline, providing an exclusive retreat for guests seeking a sophisticated stay.

In undertaking the refurbishment, the hotel has upheld its environmental commitments by using recycled material bedding, aerated shower heads for reduced water consumption, reusable glass water bottles, and recycled pillow and duvet fillings. All rooms also feature GrafClean, a CO2-absorbing paint by Graphenstone, marking a pioneering step towards a more sustainable future for voco hotels.

A bedroom suite in a hotel with views of the bay.
A hotel suite with views of the bay.

voco® St. David’s Hotel Cardiff

We are delighted to unveil our brand new Tiger Bay floor. Every aspect of each room has been carefully curated to provide the most luxurious stay for each of our guests, whilst still retaining the feeling of a home away from home."

Mr Grimm continues to say “This substantial £650k investment into the Tiger Bay floor is part of a wider multi million pound project as we plan to elevate the entire hotel to a new level of lifestyle-luxury, whilst also taking our responsibility of creating a sustainable future seriously.

“We can’t wait to welcome guests old and new to indulge in a stay on the Tiger Bay floor that celebrates the area’s rich cultural heritage with a brand new contemporary feel.”

In July 2023, the hotel also announced its new terrace at Tir a Môr in partnership with Moët & Chandon. It offers a waterfront vista and is open to hotel guests and non-guest alike.

To book a stay, or tables on the terrace, call +44(0)292 045 4045. Alternatively, please email St David's enquiries or book online.

A terrace at a hotel overlooking the landscape of Cardiff bay.
Food and drink on a table with chairs on a outdoor terrace.

Tir a Môr terrace

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