Aberystwyth now has access to Wales’ biggest EV charging site thanks to a new hub with 40 charging points at the National Library of Wales.

The charging hub, including 10 rapid Tritium 75kW DC charging points, will benefit local electric vehicle owners, including customers of nearby towns and villages, as well as attract tourists who are either visiting or passing through Aberystwyth.

The new retail EV charging site will enable up to 40 vehicles to charge simultaneously. The site includes eight rapid (DC) connectors for public access and two rapid (DC) connectors for staff access, enabling a 20% - 80% state of charge within 40 minutes. Wales is aiming for 4,000 EV chargers by 2030.

This rollout will allow EV drivers to visit the shop and browse the library while they wait for their electric vehicle to complete a charge cycle, which in turn will increase visitors through the library’s doors to support the institution.

The Tritium rapid chargers on the site have been procured and installed by Trydan Will Davey Electrical, a professional NICEIC approved electrical contractor.

The National Library of Wales will be the charge point operator (CPO) of the site and will therefore manage day-to-day operations for each of the new chargers, providing a seamless and reliable charging experience for EV drivers.

Our latest installation at the National Library of Wales brings much-needed fast chargers to Wales and Tritium is proud to be part of a solution that is encouraging both sustainable travel and opportunity charging at this national landmark in Aberystwyth.”

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