Your clients can learn why wool was worth more than gold for hundreds of years in Wales.

The tour starts with a sheep herding demonstration either high up on a hill farm for smaller groups or, for larger vehicles, in the verdant Conwy Valley. It takes years to train a sheepdog to obey basic commands and the very best relationship between man and dog takes years, if ever, to perfect.

After the demonstration, your clients can enjoy Welsh cakes or bara brith (speckled bread) with Welsh tea before moving on to meet Chrissy. She will demonstrate how to spin the wool from around 30 breeds of sheep in Wales and explain the difference between the different wool. There will be a chance to take some home to knit into your favourite sweater or scarf.

Next is a visit to a fulling mill or pandy where the wool is washed, dyed and combed then woven into traditional Welsh blankets. These have been handed down as family heirlooms for generations in Wales.

Finally a scenic drive into the mountains of Snowdonia to see the sheep dotted around.

To book and plan your Woolly North Wales Tour contact Carole Startin of Celtic Tours Wales. The tour is available for all group sizes and vehicles.

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