WOTGA (Wales Official Tourist Guides Association) and its trading company Wales Best Guides Enterprises Ltd is pleased to announce that 19 Blue Badge Linguist Guides from across the UK have successfully passed their endorsement course 'Telling the Stories of South Wales.'

WOTGA had recognised that Wales did not have a sufficient number of foreign language guides to meet the needs of the international market and decided to address the deficit.

During the pandemic, WOTGA and Wales Best Guides Enterprises delivered an endorsement course on line. The purpose was to familiarise the non-Welsh linguist Blue Badge guides in a true sense of place and personality of Wales. In effect, Wales has now doubled the number of foreign language guides who really understand Wales and its people. The languages include Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch and more German guides. Wales already has three French, two Italian and four German speaking Welsh Blue Badge Guides.

Many of these linguist guides and five others have now joined a second course, 'Telling the stories of North Wales' which started this week. It means that Guides in Wales will be offering an even greater range of languages to include Swedish and Russian.

A lady standing under ancient stones at a burial chamber.

Guided tour at Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber

WOTGA is proud of the contribution it is making to the tourist experience in Wales by raising standards, knowledge and skills.

To find a guide, visit the Wales Best Guides website and look under the language tab which continues to be updated.

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