16 July 2018

Velocity comes to RibRide

The team at RibRide have a new RIB designed specifically for speed at sea. The RIB is named Velocity and passengers have been enjoying the high-speed adrenaline-fuelled rush of reaching velocity.

“Our new VELOCITY RIB is an amazing boat, she is outperforming all our expectations. From the beginning of June we have been running trips and our RibRiders are really enjoying the speed and adrenaline rush,” says Skipper Phil Scott, owner of RibRide Adventure Tours.

RibRide have a fleet of RIBs which operate from their base in Menai Bridge all year round and from Holyhead Marina during the summer season.

“Our tours have always been about taking the time to explore the coast, discuss points of interest and appreciating the natural beauty of the marine environment. Our Adventure RIBs are fast and fun but we were always being asked ‘how fast are your boats?’. So we decided to design and build a new RIB that was fast, and I mean super-fast,” says Skipper Phil.

 “Wales has the fastest Zip line in the world at Zip World, Bethesda called ‘Velocity’. Our friends at Zip World were enthusiastic about us using the same name for our super-fast RIB. Through this cooperation we are helping to build North Wales as a highly attractive proposition for the travel savvy adventure tourist,” says Skipper Phil.

The VELOCITY RIB is 11.5m long and is powered by 900hp of Yamaha outboard engines.

VELOCITY trips are running in the summer on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, trips are 30 minutes on the water. The whole boat can be booked for up to 12 guests. More information is available from the RibRide website.