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World Alternative Games 2012

World Alternative Games 2012

World Alternative Games 2012

Llanwrtyd Wells is to host the inaugural alternative games between the 17th August – 2nd September next year - 2012.

When Great Britain’s largest city host the Olympic Games, the smallest town in Great Britain will be the hub of Alternative Games and with events being confirmed all of the time these games are set to attract a wide range of competitors – this whether they be champions already within their chosen sport or are completely new to the whacky theme of all of our activities.

The theme of the games is that it will be run under the ethos of the“Corinthian spirit” where it is the taking part that is more important than the winning and the varied day and evening activities will allow for people from all ages,abilities and gender to take part with there being activities to meet everybody.

All competitors will be awarded a Corinthian Medal which will be an excellent keepsake of the games and of their participation in this magnificent event.

The games will have an official opening ceremony which is in keeping with the development of Llanwrtyd Wells as a Spa town. A sospan fach (reputed to have been written in Llanwrtyd Wells) containing the famous sulphurous water from its original source will be carried by chariot to the center of the town where it will revitalise the local fountain running for the duration of the games. A more formal evening ceremony will include local male voice choirs and other exciting ‘drum and base’ music for the younger generation.

The Welsh Government Major Events Unit , Visit Wales, local MP’s and Powys County Council are supporting this exciting new occasion alongside many established and new whacky event organisers. Local businesses are also keen to sponsor individual events and the community support include young adults some whom are also active on the committee. Other local school/college/higher education students will be involved during the lead up to the games and whilst the events are taking place. Llanwrtyd Wells is twinned with two other communities: Mériel in the Val-d’Oise Départment of France and Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic. Mériel are already organising a day of french events during the games which will be very exciting for all.


The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, said: “I’m delighted that we are able to support such a diverse range of events which makes the most of Wales’ culture, tradition and unique landscape. One of the key principles of Event Wales, our Major Events Strategy, is that we should encourage a fair and equitable spread of major event opportunities across Wales by supporting a programme of Growth Events outside Cardiff. We are also committed to support innovative, experimental and quirky events.

“This event will deliver a positive economic impact for Mid Wales and provide a high profile platform for raising Wales' international reputation. During the Olympic and Paralympic Games next year, there will be 20,000 unaccredited media in London looking for stories, events such as the World Alternative Games will help us in turning their sights towards Wales for their stories."

'The World Alternative Games have the full support of Roger Williams MP, who has attended several meetings and states:
'An event that brings more people to the local area and provides local people and businesses with greater income, as well as putting Mid Wales on the map, has my backing. I think the event will be a great success, and I look forward to attending during the fortnight that it will be running.'

Events such as Wife Carrying Championship, International underwater Hockey Championships (held in Newport), Mountain Bike Marathon, World Bathtub Championships, Children’s day of Alternative Games and Stone Skimming Championships will be staged alongside Mountain Boarding, Woolsack Carrying and of course our signature events; World Bog Snorkelling, World Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling and World Bog Triathlon Championships which already draw spectators and competitors from all over the globe.

Danny Bent , who along with his sister Nat, both who feature in this year’s Guinness Book of World Records has recently said that "Becoming the world record holder of Bog Snorkelling Triathlon may have changed my life more than any other incident!!"

Bands such as Floyd Earl and The Whitefern Mountain String Band are among the variety of evening entertainment to be heard over the two weeks. Many other events are also in the process of being confirmed and for an updated list of events please visit our website

If you require any further information please contact Peter Brown on 01591610332 or Karen Perkins on 01591610836 or Gordon Green on 01591610270 or e-mail via the website.

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