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The Bug Farm - New Visitor Attraction

The Bug Farm - New Visitor Attraction

Dr Beynon
Dr Beynon's Bug Farm


Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm (also known as The Bug Farm) is a brand new research and education centre and visitor attraction all about bugs in St David’s Pembrokeshire. The new venture, with scientific research at its heart has been recognised internationally for innovation, entrepreneurship, business and conservation, with recent awards including the FSB Worldpay Award for the best start-up business in the UK and the Plantlife International best meadow maker of the year for Wales.


Attractions include the Tropical Bug Zoo, Bug Museum, Bug Art Gallery, Walled Garden, Bug Farm Trail and Bug Barn Indoor Play Barn and the Grub Kitchen café and restaurant.


The Grub Kitchen has been hailed as the UK’s first restaurant with edible insects on the menu full-time. With the food receiving praise from the likes of Michel Roux Jr. and Sir Ian McKellen, it is a serious gastronomic experience. The Kitchen also serves many non-insect dishes, created with produce from sustainable, science-led farming.

The Tropical Bug Zoo boasts a huge array of some of the most extraordinary invertebrates on the planet, including a Burgundy Goliath Birdeater Tarantula, Robert the Rainbow Stag Beetle and a Giant Vinegaroon which shoots vinegar out of its rear end! The Bug Museum houses part of the UK’s largest private collection of butterflies and displays.


The Bug Farm Trail is a quarter mile Trail which takes the general public on a physical journey through how British farmers are producing food and looking after wildlife at the same time. Visitors also learn how all consumer decisions actually affect the farming. Meandering through the wildflower meadows and by rivers and ponds, this beautiful walk also allows children to go bug hunting or river dipping, exploring the farmed environment in a hands-on fashion. A new art-science multi-sensory learning project will also allow our visitors to experience the Trail from the perspective of a pollinator (in this case a bumblebee)!


All housed on a beautiful Grade II Listed traditional Pembrokeshire farm, The Bug Farm is a project like no other and offers huge potential to influence the future of farming and farmland wildlife at this vital time.


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