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Launch of Taste of Wales new cookery break

Launch of Taste of Wales new cookery break


The “Taste of Wales Cookery break” is an unusual fun break, organised by the Vale resort and the “Coginio” (cooking in Welsh) team. It’s a great idea for foodies, a gift for all kinds of occasions and perfect for golf widows. The Vale Resort is a gorgeous 4 star hotel, 15 minutes outside Cardiff, with fabulous leisure facilities and 2 amazing golf courses.


The Welsh Food Cookalong starts at 10 00 with coffee or tea - very important! You get to cook a variety of delicious Welsh Dishes for your fabulous Welsh lunch – including Welsh Rarebit (posh cheese on toast) and Glamorgan Sausages (made with no meat!). Plus you get to learn a few words of Welsh while you’re cooking.


There are some delicious tasters, oat biscuits with Blaenavon Cheddar cheese and Romy Cuisine Pate (run by a couple who moved to Wales because the food was so amazing), plus the Welsh Whisky Company’s Brecon Gin and Tonic. The Welsh Whisky Company produce much more than just Penderyn whisky - all worth trying.


The course is hosted by Sian Bassett Roberts and the Coginio team.
Sian is a broadcaster and Welsh Food Consultant. Sian promotes Welsh food, and has been fortunate enough to travel the world cooking and chatting about Welsh food. She is also a Television Producer, Newsreader for Radio Wales and a regular voice on the Welsh television channel S4C.


Business Partner, Trev Burgess is a Lighting Cameraman. During this time he has shot every type of programme for all of the Broadcast. Trev filmed and edited the “Coginio” Welsh Cooking DVDs which are used on the course. He is a great cook, and has just about eaten his way around the world. 


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