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Go Below’s Ultimate Xtreme Adventure

Go Below’s Ultimate Xtreme Adventure

Go Below Ultimate Xtreme
Go Below Ultimate Xtreme

From taking a walk along the 870 miles of Wales’ Coastal Path, visiting a castle, attending a festival and the many family attractions we have to offer, there is always an Adventure to be found in Wales’ Year of Adventure 2016 and beyond.


For a more daring adventure, Go Below Underground Adventures offer a unique experience. They are the world’s first underground freefall jump which customers experience as the final challenge on the Ultimate Xtreme challenge in Cwmorthin Slate mine in Blaenau Ffestiniog. The package also includes the world’s deepest underground zip line.


Participants stand at the edge of a 75 foot high cliff, with only a thin cord of the machine to hold onto. They then step off the edge into the unknown darkness below them, with the machine catching them and bringing them safely to the chamber floor below.


The freefall machine is designed in such a way that for the first part of the jump you believe that nothing is going to catch you, hence the name freefall. Then the machine kicks in when approximately half way through the descent and slows you to a safe landing speed. Staff are always right there with the jumpers of course, at the top and the bottom of the freefall, to ensure the highest level of safety.


This has been described as one of the most exciting, exhilarating and demanding adventure experiences so for further information and booking details visit their website, Facebook page and Twitter account. You can also find details of their other adventures on this site.


There is also video footage of the freefall jump on the website where the clip shows the jump in action.

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