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Fungi expert heads foraging trips in Snowdonia

Fungi expert heads foraging trips in Snowdonia

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The Snowdonia mountain range is home to some of the most diverse and interesting fungi and mushrooms in the UK, including some of the very best edible varieties.


OnCelticos’ Mushroom and Fungi Foraging days, you’ll find out that the local climate and terrain is ideal for seeking out Chanterelle, Ceps, Hedgehog Fungus Parasol Mushrooms and many others, also some of the most deadly poisonous ones such as the Death Cap.

Other interesting varieties include the rare Meadow Waxcaps, beautifully coloured Russulas, intriguing Stinkhorns, the extremely hallucinogenic Fly Agaric and Psilocybin (the original ‘Magic Mushroom’).While not edible these fungi are fascinating and well worth identifying, sometimes as a precaution!

The venue for the day is the beautiful Aberglaslyn Pass which is near Beddgelert in the heart of Snowdonia where you will have the opportunity to meet a leading expert in fungal foraging.


Course dates run Aug 24, Aug 31, Sept 14, Sept 28, Oct 5 and Nov 9.

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