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Family Tree & Heritage Genealogy Tours Wales

Family Tree & Heritage Genealogy Tours Wales

Kathy on her ancestory tour
Kathy on her ancestory tour


An amazing opportunity has been created for visitors to travel back to their roots by researching Celtic heritage and discovering their Welsh ancestors.


If your clients have information about their ancestral 'Welsh Roots', including where they lived and worked, Celticos can create a tour visiting these sites and places of interest whilst combining this with a sightseeing tour. The personalised tour will explore the places where their ancestors lived, see the remnants of the harsh working conditions they endured, and appreciate why their forefathers left the ‘Motherland’ to seek better lives.


Celticos Ltd has linked up with Segontium Searchers - a Genealogical & Local History Research Service to provide this unique service.

Cathy from Florida recently discovered six generations of Welsh history. She said “I was recently able to fulfill a lifelong dream of learning about my Welsh ancestry, all thanks to the ‘dynamic duo’ of Keith Morris (Segontium Searchers) and Alwyn Griffith (Celticos). These two gents worked together to create a bespoke family history tour for me that was unlike anything I could have imagined.”


Once your customers have researched their family tree with Segontium Searchers the personal report will be used to arrange a bespoke tour to visit the specific sites mentioned including family homes, schools, churches & graveyards where marriages, baptisms & funerals took place, as well as remnants of mines or other places of work to appreciate the way of life of our ancestors.


Visit their website to see videos and to arrange a tour.


You may also wish to see our Fact File on Tracing your Ancestors


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