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Cardiff - one of Britain's best value cities for tourists

Cardiff - one of Britain's best value cities for tourists

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The South Wales Echo reports that the capital of Wales came third in a table compiled by website TripAdvisor, behind Belfast and Liverpool.

A night’s stay in a four-star hotel, a five-mile taxi journey, a pizza and a dry Martini would set the average tourist back £123.06 in the Welsh capital.


In Belfast the same basket of a typical tourist’s buys costs £106.54, and £115.62 in Liverpool. Not surprisingly London, at £227.99, was the most expensive location among the eight British cities surveyed.

And the research found in terms of international cities only Zurich (£235) and Paris (£267) were more expensive than the UK capital across the basket of four buys. As well as London, Glasgow at (£131.40), Manchester (£135.89), Bath (£149.95) and Edinburgh (£174.01) were all more expensive than Cardiff.


The Welsh capital’s four-star hotels typically charge £96.02 for an overnight stay, taxis £10.14 for a five-mile journey, pizza parlours £10.95 for a margherita and a top hotel bar £5.95 for a dry Martini.

A spokesperson for Cardiff & Co, the body set up to raise the Welsh capital’s profile, said it was pleased with the third-placed showing in the table of eight.


“It means our hotels are good value. What they’re comparing is a four-star offering in Cardiff with other UK cities. So this is encouraging news because it shows our quality hotels are contributing to the impression of really good value for visitors,” he said.  “You can get a good meal in Cardiff as well that is not a pizza – but if we’re good value I guess that applies to everything.” The dry Martini was based on a drink bought in the largest bar in top-rated five-star hotel on TripAdvisor and the pizzas chosen from globally recognised chains in each destination.


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