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Cardiff is Runner Up in Britain's Best Airports

Cardiff is Runner Up in Britain's Best Airports

Air passengers rate Cardiff the second-best airport in the UK, according to a poll.


Birmingham came top of the list with 54 points out of 60, while Luton was

the worst on the league table with 16. Cardiff earned 48 points in the survey of 2,372 holidaymakers conducted by


Asked to rate various aspects of airport service, those polled awarded Birmingham 10 out of 10 for staff friendliness, check-in efficiency and

shopping experience.


Luton scored just one out of 10 for staff friendliness and only one out of 10 for security check-in time.


After Luton, the next worst airport was Stansted with a score of 20. Gatwick got 26 out of 60 and Heathrow had 30. Heathrow got 10 out of 10 for

shopping experience, with Stansted getting eight out of 10.


The poll also found that 63% of respondents said they preferred flying from smaller, regional airports outside London and 12% said the airport experience was one of the things they “most looked forward to” about a holiday.

Almost half (48%) said they were prepared to travel more than 100 miles if it meant the airport they were flying from was “decent”, and 26% felt that having a bad experience at the airport could ruin a holiday.


Chris Brown, co-founder of, said: “For some people,

the airport experience can be a stressful one, especially when faced with delays, queues and unfriendly staff.  “I was really surprised to see London’s four main airports voted in the top five worst, but I think many people are

put off by larger, busier airports.


While all the London airports scored relatively high for shopping experience,

it seems a lot of passengers feel let down in the more important customer service areas such as friendliness of staff and check-in efficiency.“


The scores out of 60 for the airports were:

1. Birmingham 54

2. Cardiff 48

3. Liverpool 47

4. Manchester 43

5. Glasgow 35

6. Heathrow 30

7. Gatwick 26

8. East Midlands 21

9. Stansted 20

10. Luton 16

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