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Brecon Beacons Scenic Safari tour – “Settle into the Landscape”

Brecon Beacons Scenic Safari tour – “Settle into the Landscape”

Brecon Landscape Tour Cwm Camlais

The Brecon Beacons are famous for their rich beauty and scenic walks, but the stories that lie behind this great and wonderful national park are fascinating and give better depth and understanding to how the landscape and people have developed over the centuries.


Good Day Out give you the chance to discover the hidden secrets of the Beacons and how they were formed, how the Celts and their Standing Stones, the Celtic Saints of the fifth Century, the Romans and the Normans leave their mark on daily life even today.


This small group tour within the Fforest Ffawr Geopark will take you to significant sites in the landscape including Ley Lines and ancient religious sites, bringing both history and mythology to life. Your travel is within a comfortable vehicle with a small and informal group so you can travel at a pace to suit you, and ask all the questions you want!


You will spend a couple of hours with local farmer & amateur historian Jonathan Davies, whose family have lived in the central Beacons for 300 years and have moved only 20 miles in this time. Jonathan has a huge knowledge and enthusiasm for the history and myths of Mynydd Illtud common, the Senni Valley and all things Welsh! The tour lasts around 2 hours and is mostly vehicle-based with short walks to points of interest, but is also suitable for those with limited mobility or during inclement weather!


Pricing is £35 per person. Tours need a minimum of 2 people but singles can book specific advertised dates. Groups can be accommodated.


For further information, visit or call 01874 749092

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