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‘Alice’s Looking Glass’ - A new ‘Alice’ adventure APP is launched

‘Alice’s Looking Glass’ - A new ‘Alice’ adventure APP is launched

Alice's Looking Glass APP

‘Alice’s Looking Glass’ APP is another immersive experience in the series of Alice Town Trails and the second adventure for Alice Liddell, the real Alice in Wonderland.


This brilliant sequel to the ‘White Rabbit’ App is once again a 3D augmented reality journey whereby Alice Liddell’s imagination is running wild in the form of a Jabberwocky. Pages of history are falling from the sky and things are disappearing. Time is also running backwards. In order to restore time, Alice is confronted by the Red Queen and is led through the Looking Glass to find the Jabberwocky and defeat him in battle. Wondering where to find the Jabberwocky, she requests the help from some interesting characters along the way including the Tweedles and Humpty Dumpty to name a few.


Alice’s adventures were inspired by her many visits to Llandudno, the popular Victorian seaside town on the North Wales coast. To immerse in the full experience, visitors are invited to Llandudno to take on ‘The Alice Trail’ for real and bring the characters and stories to life.

‘Alice’s Looking Glass’ App explores eye-catching locations around Llandudno, starting outside the pier entrance on the promenade and taking you through the beautiful areas of Haulfre Gardens and the Great Orme, Alice’s childhood playground. You will finally come to the dramatic West Shore where Alice once lived.


The App is available in the App Store and Google play, priced at £2.99.


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