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500 Welsh Archers Travelled to Fight in France in one of the Best-Known Events in British History

500 Welsh Archers Travelled to Fight in France in one of the Best-Known Events in British History



The Battle of Agincourt, on 25 October 1415, is one of the best-known events in British history. The story of Henry V’s forces epic defeat of a much larger French army has been immortalised in tales, plays and poetry familiar to all. What is less well known is the role played by Wales in Henry’s stirring victory. Five hundred Welsh archers and 23 men-at-arms travelled to fight in France – many of them from the Breconshire and Monmouthshire region – along with a contingent of archers and miners from the Forest of Dean.

Building on the success of the 600th anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Agincourt in 2015, a new Trail has been developed to mark Agincourt connections with Breconshire, Monmouthshire and the Forest of Dean. The Agincourt Wales Trail links eight locations across the region, telling the stories of the people and places that played a role in the famous battle. In each of the 8 locations on the trail there are panels telling the story of our local Welsh Agincourt connections. In some places a single tree or a grove of trees has been planted to commemorate the battle.

The Agincourt 600 Commemorative Fund has worked with the Woodland Trust to plant trees at many of the locations. These will provide a permanent memorial that will grow and develop as the years go by. For the first time, the Trail brings together fascinating sites and locations throughout the region connected with the Agincourt story, making it easy for your visitors to learn more about this important chapter in our history.


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