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A Taste of Wales

Welsh food and drink is a secret worth sharing. Welsh food has a long-established reputation for distinctiveness and quality and prides itself on supplying some of the finest produce. Its very landscape reflects freshness and variety. Wales can offer something to meet every customer need. 

Traditional Welsh foods include cheeses, crempog, bara brith and cawl - a rich stew made with bacon, scraps of Welsh lamb and vegetables including Wales' emblem, the leek.


A great way to find out about food in Wales is to visit local Farmer’s markets, delis and farm shops. At many locations throughout Wales you can meet the farmers and you can buy award-winning local food direct from the experts.

Welsh delicacies 

  • Bara Brith

    Once a week, the stove was lit for baking day, as the heat began to fade in the stove, so a handful of currants were added to the last of the bread dough and this speckled bread became a treat. The flavour, however, of this spiced, honey-glazed fruit bread is delicious and it is no wonder that Bara Brith is still produced all over Wales.
  • Crempog

    These are Welsh pancakes. They are made not too thin and served hot and buttered. The fillings are whatever cook had handy, or the household liked most. Savory Crempog, hot and fresh, make an excellent starter.
  • Glamorgan Sausages

    These are made mainly from grated cheese mixed with breadcrumbs, herbs and chopped leeks or onions.
  • Laverbread

    Laver, an edible seaweed commonly found on the South West coast of Wales. It has to be prepared at great length by washing many times and boiled for up to 5 hours and drained to form a gelatinous puree. It is mixed with fine oatmeal, formed into small cakes and fried in bacon fat.
  • Laver Sauce

    This is particulary good with shellfish and lobster. The lava has to be prepared as for Lava Bread, and is then heated and whisked with orange juice, butter and mutton (or lamb) stock or cream.
  • Welsh Cakes

    The Welsh Cake is a traditional Welsh snack, somewhat similar to a scone. The cakes are also known as bakestones within Wales because they are traditionally cooked on a bakestone, a cast iron griddle about 1.5cm or more thick, which is placed on the fire or cooker.
  • Welsh Rarebit

    Welsh Rarebit, Rabbit or "Caws Pobi" gets its name quite literally from the words rare (meaning very lightly cooked) and bit (a small piece or portion). It is an ideal savoury snack.

Welsh produce 

  • Cheese
    Cheese makers in Wales have a reputation for producing a wide range of award winning cheeses. For example Caws Cenarth, is acknowledged to have instigated and led the revival of Farmhouse Caerphilly making in Wales. The family farm with its own herd of cows is fully organic, and no artificial fertilisers, insecticides or pesticides are used.


  • New Quay Honey Farm
    The largest honey farm in Wales with 500 hives. These are kept all over the counties of Ceredigion and North Pembrokeshire in groups of 10 to 12. The unspoilt countryside of this part of West Wales means that the honey comes almost entirely from the wild flowers that grow in the hedgerows, valleys and clifftop areas. The prevailing weather ensures that yields are not high and therefore the honey is always in short supply, but the flavour is superb and among the best in the world. The farm also produces mead and a range of hand-made sweets.


    Visit the New Quay Honey Farm Website


  • Meat
    World famous Welsh Black Beef and Welsh Mountain lamb top menus in pubs and restaurants all over Wales.  Thanks to HRH Prince Charles and leading chefs across Britain, mutton is enjoying a revival in our kitchens. Noted for its gamey flavour, mutton (meat from sheep which has aged for two years) has a particularly full flavour, making it suitable for casseroles and hearty stews.


  • Graig Farm Organics
    Graig Farm Organics is one of the pioneers of organic food, offers award-winning organic food including Welsh mutton. Their range covers everything from organic meats and sustainable fish to organic baby food, and from organic cheese to sweet organic cider.


  • Welsh Venison Centre
    The Welsh Venison Centre, in the heart of the Brecon Beacons National Park is a family firm that reflect the new generation of farmers with the highest standards for animal welfare. They produce premium quality Middlewoood Welsh lamb as well as venison. Visitors can actually go and shop for your own meat in their store at the Centre.
  • Black Mountain Smokery 
    Black Mountain Smokery is a family-run gournet food business based in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales. The award-winning smoked foods are carefully sourced from British suppliers and traditionally cured in the smokehouse in Crickhowell. Local artisan food at its best.

  • Carmarthen Ham  

    Carmarthen Ham is a unique and excellent ham produced in the old farmhouse way.  The recipe has been handed down from generation to generation and the ham is cured by Chris and Ann Rees at their home.
  • Anglesey Sea Salt
    Anglesey Sea Salt comes from salt flakes harvested from the Menai Strait in Anglesey, with a mineral content that makes it unique in appearance, texture and taste. The company has been granted the same protected status as Parma ham and Champagne after the European Commission awarded it protected food name status.  




  • Penderyn Distillery
    Penderyn is the only distillery in Wales and one of the smallest distilleries in the world. Here the Welsh Whisky Company produces Penderyn Single Malt Whisky and a range of high quality Welsh Spirits such as Merlyn Liqueur, Brecon Vodka and Brecon Gin. In March 2008 a brand new visitor centre opened which won an acclaimed 2009 RIBA award in recognition of high architectural standards and contribution to the local environment, courtesy of architect David Archer.  Visitors get the chance to discover the secrets of whisky and spirit producing with an opportunity for tasting. 


  • Celtic Spirit Company
    Celtic Spirit Company is based in South Wales near Pontypool. The company produces a range of Spirits, Whisky and Brandy Liqueurs, including the award winning Black Mountain and Danzy Jones.


  • Welsh Ales
    SA Brain & Co Ltd is Wales' leading drinks and hospitality company as well as being the best known and biggest selling brewed beer in Wales.  It brings together centuries of brewing tradition and even today, all ales are still produced according to time-honoured methods at the company's landmark brewery in the heart of Cardiff.  There are over 200 Brains pubs across South Wales, the West Country and central Cardiff.


    Other breweries include Breconshire Brewery in Mid Wales, Purple Moose Brewery in North Wales,  Felin Foel Brewery in West Wales and Otley Brewing Company in South Wales.


    There are many more breweries across the country, some of them microbreweries. Find out more about the great beers of Wales


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  • Welsh Wine
    You can find some excellent Welsh wines around Wales including award winning wines from Parva Farm Vineyard, Glyndwr Vineyard and Sugarloaf Vineyard.

    Llanerch Vineyard has recently been transformed and offers 5-star accommodation, bistro cafe and bar, a cookery school and vineyard tours. Wine in Wales is growing in popularity and reputation and many vineyards open their doors to visitors.


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  • Welsh Cider
    You'll find cider making companies all around Wales.  Blaengawney Cider in South East Wales, Old Monty Cider in Mid Wales, Toloja's Orchards in South West Wales and Rosie's Triple D in the North. There's even a Welsh Perry & Cider Society which provides information on producers in Wales by region.


    Other useful websites: 
    Visit the National Association of Cider Makers Website


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  • Welsh Beer and Cider Festivals

    The Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival

    in Cardiff is a major festival which features over 150 different real ales and more than 40 ciders.

    The Welsh Perry and Cider Festival takes place every May at The Clythfa Arms near Abergavenny. This is the Welsh Perry and Cider Society’s premier event of the year, where visitors can try the craft perries and ciders of all its members.

    Mid Wales Beer Festivalin Llanwrtyd Wells, Britain's smallest town and home to lots of quirky events . This being Llanwrtyd, there is nothing so straightforward as a regular beer festival. Oh no. It kicks off with the Real Ale Wobble (on mountain bikes) and culminates with the Real Ale Ramble (on foot).

    Swansea Bay Beer Festival is part of Swansea Bay's Summer Festival.  Over 100 different real ales, a big selection of real cider and perries and live music at Brangwyn Hall.   

    Gower Cider Festival Weekend at Gower Heritage Centre.  Watch cider being made using a 150 year old cider press and apples grown in their orchard.  Taster sessions available and live music from local bands. 
  • Food Festivals
    Wales’s culinary calendar, which represents a celebration of the great flavours of Wales, has over 40 food festivals taking place throughout the year. Popular events include: Cardigan River & Food Festival, Abergavenny Food Festival, Welshpool Winter Food Festival. Festivals are a great opportunity to taste, talk about and buy the best local produce available directly from the farmer or food producer.

    Wales Cool Food Festivals


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Michelin Starred Restaurants in Wales


Wales has 5 Michelin-starred restaurants across Wales. Add one to the list of places to eat when you visit Wales:




Gourmet Wales


Gourmet Wales - the online deli for luxury Welsh food - is determined to champion the unsung heroes of Welsh food production.  The recently launched deli, which is a sister enterprise to Welsh Rarebits, has discovered a host of outstanding producers beavering away throughout Wales. 


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